works for saxophone, ensemble, electronics

The collaboration between performers, ensembles and composers is often limited to the rehearsal period leading up to the premiere of a new work. However, this is not the case with this CD. The four composers represented, the performing ensemble and the soloist on this recording have known each other for years, and have already had several opportunities for artistic collaboration. The months- or even year-long collaboration led not only to this production, but, moreover, to the four works recorded on this CD. (Juri Giannini)
For me, the collaborative process with composers, resulting in a new work, is the greatest and most exciting thing that life can offer a musician. I am delighted and thankful that this production, together with the fantastic Ensemble PHACE, conductor Simeon Pironkoff and these composers, was possible and that it will be the first release on the PHACE label. (Lars Mlekusch)



works for saxophone, ensemble, electronics

Bernhard LANG
Ricardo NILLNI

Lars MLEKUSCH, saxophone
Simeon PIRONKOFF, conductor
Duo SAXOPHONIC, saxophone & electronics
Jorge SÁNCHEZ-CHIONG , turntabels

Includes booklet with text by Juri Giannini.


(1) Bernhard Lang
DW 24  „…for Al Jourgensen“

for saxophone and ensemble (2014)

(2) Ricardo Nillni
Concerto liquido

for saxophone and ensemble (2013)

(3) Germán Toro-Perez
Signos oscilantes (verworren und schwankend)
for saxophone and electronics (2012)

(4) Jorge Sánchez-Chiong  
Wrestling Samoa
for saxophone, turntables and ensemble (2012)

TT: 61:29

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