an educational project by andother stage & PHACE

Idea & concept

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Brigitte Wilfing, Reinhard Fuchs

project organisation

Veronika Grossberger

artisitic direction

Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Brigitte Wilfing


a project in the frame of Kulturkatapult. An iniative by the City of Vienna in cooperation with wienXtra and OeAD
kindly supported by  seeLab and mediaOpera


infos on Kulturkatapult:
media coverage club.wien.magazin



The sense of achievement by having made something special out of something unusable: out of garbage an electric guitar, out of disappointments a song, a rap with DJing, out of fake news scenes for computer games and music videos. The creative handling of one’s own world and environment is at the center of modules about the upcycling of materials into musical instruments, as well as communication conflicts in multimedia narratives. Specialists in mediation, instrument making, game design, DJing, music and performance of the ensembles andother stage & PHACE encourage young people to expand their possibilities and play and accompany on the newly built instruments. Excursions to the Konzerthaus and a cooperation with Weltmuseum support the formation of cultural activities as identification.


UPCYCLING BABYLON offers time and space for development and experimentation, playful, process-oriented, and beyond commercial constraints. With a modular approach and the intention to achieve results within short encounters, but also to enable deepened understanding and continuity, the project covers a broad spectrum of artistic processes, that range from poetry to digital music to gaming. The project takes the reality of the adolescents as a starting point: their own work materials or social media messages that concern them. There is a fluid transition between the modules and disciplines, that allows for the young people’s own decision-making and priorities.


with: Jorge Sánchez-Chiong, Brigitte Wilfing (artistic direction / workshops), Veronika Grossberger (project organization),
Roland Schueler, Louise Linsenbolz & Thomas Wagensommerer (workshops), musicians of PHACE and andother stage

Event Dates


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