29.May.2023 // 19:30
Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart-Saal

PHACE Series 22/23 – N°4

Lars Mlekusch, conductor

Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart
Johanna Vargas, soprano
Truike van der Poel, mezzo-soprano
Guillermo Anzorena, bariton

Doris Nicoletti, flute
Reinhard Zmölnig, horn
Reinhold Brunner, clarinet
Berndt Thurner, percussion
Sonja Leipold, cembalo
Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano
Jacobo Hernández Enríquez, violin
Victor Lowrie Tafoya, viola
Roland Schueler, cello
Alexandra Dienz, double bass


Andreas Trobollowitsch
hybrid #1 – ⥀18 for mechanical turntables, rotating recorders, balloons and performers, 2023 (UA)
Commissioned by PHACE

Hristina Šušak
ANIMA II for soprano, mezzo, recorder, calrinet, drumset, piano, violin and viola, 2022/23 (wp)
Commissioned by PHACE, with support by Wiener Konzerthaus & SKE-Fonds

Pierluigi Billone
Δίκη Wall for percussion solo and 6 instruments (2012)


György Ligeti
Aventures (1962) and Nouvelles Aventures (1962-65) for 3 voices and 7 Instruments

In honor of the old master and yet with new adventures – György Ligeti’s Aventures and Nouvelles Aventures have opened up new spaces for vocal music, emphasizing articulatory expression and showing singing as an independent musical art even without linguistic meaning. On the occasion of the composer’s 100th birthday, we would like to honor this turning point in the history of new music not only with a performance, but also with two commissioned works. The young composer Hristina Šušak is writing a new piece for the same cast, equally as a contrast across time and age, and Andreas Trobollowitsch is creating a performative music installation as an homage to the influential composer. With Pierluigi Billone’s Δίκη Wall, a very exciting work by a well-established contemporary artist is also on the program.

Prior to each concert, at 18:45, Juri Giannini will discuss the music with the composers within the setting of “Salon PHACE”.

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Event Dates

May 2023
  • Date
  • 29.May.2023 19:30

    PHACE series 2022/23 #4 - NOUVELLES AVENTURES

    Wiener Konzerthaus, Mozart Saal

    Khè – tit – bèèèh
    Frei: von Semantik. für Bedeutung.
    Überhöht, Überzeichnet. Un-er-hört.

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