chamber music / performance / video

Mürz im März

PHACE im Dialog mit Timm Ulrichs

Live-Recording am
kunsthaus muerz

online 8.5.2021


Mathilde Hoursiangou | piano / clavichord / keyboard / toys / concept
Roland Schueler | violoncello / concept
Ernst Kovacic | portable (field) harmonium / typewriter
Markus Bruckner | camera / editing / sound / concept




From the concert hall to the exhibition room: PHACE takes the Covid19 restrictions as an occasion and a challenge to design new formats apart from the usual concert settings. In “Mürz im März” we enter into a dialogue with the works of art by Timm Ulrichs, to which a solo exhibition at the kunsthaus muerz is dedicated.

With works by Katharina Klement, John Cage, Nigel Osborne, Juliana Hodkinson, Anton Webern and others.

Online from 8 May 2021 – 7:30 p.m.

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