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In Conversation – Voices and Piano
Ein Live-Hörspiel


2.Dec.2018 // Wien, MUMOK

11:00 guided tour
12:00 concert

soloists of PHACE

Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano
Berndt Thurner, percussion
Gina Mattiello, voice
Reinhold Schinwald, electronics, idea and concept


co-production büro lunaire, PHACE and mumok.


Morton Feldman: John, wouldn’t you say, that what we are depended on, we call reality and what we don’t like, we consider an intrusion on our live. Consequently, I feel that what’s happening is that we are continually being intruded upon.

 John Cage: But that would make us very unhappy, hm-mh?!

John Cage and Morton Feldman held four open discussions between July 1966 and January 1967, which were recorded in the studios of the WBAI radio station in New York. Both had arrived at this point at turning points in their artistic work. In these relaxed conversations between two old friends, the two smoked and laughed a lot and the talk was full of warmth and moments of thoughtfulness. This unique document gives deep insights into the notions of music, art, society and politics, which were already influential in their time. At the same time one becomes a silent witness of the unique friendship of two outstanding personalities.

The live radio drama In Conversation – Voices and Piano seeks to work out the issues of the two artists in terms of the relationship between reality, art and everyday life in conversations and to explore the extent to which they are valid for our contemporary society as well as current art discourses. Works by Morton Feldman, John Cage and Peter Ablinger will be performed, with Peter Ablinger’s works especially dealing with the relationship between art and reality.


Morton Feldman
nature pieces for piano
(1951) for piano

Peter Ablinger
Weiss / Weisslich 17a
(1994) for piano and noise

Peter Ablinger
for piano and tape

Peter Ablinger
Das Wirkliche Als Vorgestelltes 
(2012) vor voice and noise

Peter Ablinger
The Vertical Unthought (UA, 2017) for stereo-soundfile

Peter Ablinger

John Cage
Child of Tree
(1975) for percussion solo
for solo percussion using amplified plant materials










Event Dates

December 2018
  • Date
  • 02.Dec.2018 12:00

    In Conversation – Voices and Piano

    mumok, Vienna

    büro lunaire & PHACE verbinden die legendären Radiogespräche zwischen John Cage und Morton Feldman mit Werken der beiden berühmten Musiker und zeitgenössischen Kompositionen von Peter Ablinger. Ein Live-Hörspiel zu den Themen Kunst und Wirklichkeit, Theorie und künstlerische Praxis.​

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