ensemble  & electronics


30.Mar.2022 // 19:30
Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio Saal

PHACE Series 21/22 – N°3

A production by PHACE & Wiener Konzerthaus


Doris Nicoletti, Flöte
Michi Krenn, Saxophon
Berndt Thurner, Schlagwerk
David Panzl, Schlagwerk
Mathilde Housiangou, Klavier
Ivana Pristasova Zaugg, Violine
Roland Schueler, Cello
Maximilian Ölz, Kontrabass
Samuel Toro Perez, E-Gitarre
Christina Bauer, Klangregie



Igor C Silva

for flexibel, small ensemble, electronics and video, 2016 (ÖEA) D: 8′

Marta Sniady
4 rituals of women’s happiness

for flute, saxophone, electric guitar, cello, percussion, video and electronics, 2019  (ÖEA) D: 12‘

Mirela Ivičević
Lil for electric guitar, saxophone, cello and electronics, 2022 (wp)
commissoned by PHACE, in cooperation with Osterfestival Tirol, supported by Wiener Konzerthaus

Pierre Jodlowski
This Leads To An Emotional Stasis

for violin, piano, percussion, video, lights and electronics, 2016 (ÖEA) D: 24′


HAPPINESS is in search of reality in standstill and progress and looks at what is own and what is alien in the mirror of encounters through media.

Smart alienation by Igor C Silva considers the inherent potential of smartphones and Co. for escapism and flight from reality and focuses on the extent to which new technologies are alienating us from reality. Marta Sniady puts the beauty cult of our society, enhanced through online media, in the center of 4 Rituals of Women’s Happiness. She exposes the cultic mechanisms in the salvation promise of self-optimization, that is mainly targeted towards women through advertising. The daily beauty ritual as a religious action, as a path to paradise, and indoctrinations to cosmetic consumerism, form the center of her piece. The music of Mirela Ivičević usually spans surreal spaces, builds hyperactive and rapidly changing sound worlds out of denatured fragments of reality. Her new work is expected with suspense and expands the media search for reality of the concert evening by a corresponding facet. Very contrary to this, Pierre Jodlowski in This Leads To An Emotional Stasis focuses on motionlessness and timelessness. Stasis as a decelerated state of perception here serves as an expression of musical form outside the usual flow of time and as a counterpoint to hectic and excitements of the world.

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Event Dates

March 2022
  • Date
  • 30.Mar.2022 19:30

    PHACE Series 2021/22 #3 - HAPPINESS

    Vienna, Wiener Konzerthaus


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