‘Grace Note’ is an interdisciplinary project, which was developed as a co-production with Tanzquartier Wien and Wien Modern, as well as in collaboration with ICST Zürich and Liquid Loft. Performance and installation as well as acoustics and electronics form a dynamic structure by means of interaction between sound and movement. Composer Arturo Fuentes sees the human body expressed through dance and theatre as becoming a sonic map on which different rhythms and tempos trace out their paths. Based loosely on the ideas of Günter Brus’s, he defines the visual and scenic context of his works as “deaf-music”, “unaccented silence”, “dark-room-music” or “eye-music”.


“Das Leben am Rande der Milchstraße” – Life At The Edge Of The Milkyway
A sitcom-opera in seven episodes
Commissioned by WIEN MODERN, Wiener Konzerthaus and Bregenzer Festspiele.
A production by PHACE and WIEN MODERN, in co-production with Bregenzer Festspiele and the Wiener Konzerthaus.
Music: Bernhard Gander
Libretto: Johannes Heide & Christa Salchner
premiered at festival WIEN MODERN (episode 1-7) & Bregenz Festival (episode 1-3)
>> Das Leben am Rande der Milchstraße
Bernhard Lang
DW24 “…loops for Al Jourgensen”
for Saxophone and Ensemble (2014)
Commissioned by PHACE and Wiener Konzerthaus with support from SKE-Fonds
Premiere: Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio-Saal, Jan. 28, 2015
Spaces: Work takes places on the intersection between music and dance. Functional movement that leads to sound production, such as disembodiment resulting from maximum sound development through the use of electronics. This allows performers to become the support structure for choreographic-compositional movement arrangements of acceleration, repetition and exhaustion. The starting point and goal of Work is a shift of attention between the two mediums. The performance space is designed as a workshop, in which questions of the other are examined and applied to their own work structure.


Music theatre including Cabaret Voltaire by Hans Zender and
Pierrot Lunaire by Arnold Schönberg for Countertenor and Ensemble
A production by PHACE in cooperation with MuTh and supported by Stadt Wien (MA7)

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