music, danse, electronics


28.Sept.2020 // xx:xx



Spoken voices from Almeida Theatre

Roberto David Rusconi, composer

Sandrine Monin, choreographer

Tju-la-net, scenographer

 TBC, stage and costume designer

TBC, light designer

Leny Vinceslas, Alessandro Melchior, mixing/sound engineers

Ivana Pristasova, violin 1
NN., violin 2
Petra Ackermann, viola
Roland Schueler, cello




Roberto David Rusconi, music


While a dark unnatural hellscape continues to heave and churn, belching out sulphurous vapours, an awakening takes place. In a cursed place, a menacing Monolith, stands still in precarious equilibrium between the surreal and terrifying. In collaboration with RNIB (Royal National Institute of Blind People), BlindAid, UCL Culture Performance Lab, UCL Ear Institute and UCL Institute for Environmental Design and Engineering, L-Acoustics and EartH Theatre Hackney, Monolith is new commission for composer Roberto David Rusconi and choreographer Sandrine Monin. Accelerated digital technologies have trapped our lives into a visually overloaded environment. This has created a decline in attention, concentration and appreciation, causing disaffection, nervousness and alienation. Focussed on exploring the growing phenomenon of „ecological grief“ in the face of our climate crisis, Monolith is an hour-long music and dance production, centred on the use of immersive hyperrealism – a technology that is changing the way we hear and listen creating realistic 3D soundscapes. Working with a group of visually impaired, Monolith explores disabilities as perceptual modes of being and doing, based on their potential to reshape our collective way of interacting with the human body and its surroundings. Blindness is considered as a source of multisensory knowledge that can transform the creation, transmission and reception of music, narrative and dance.


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