13.Jan.2022 // 19:30
Wiener Konzerthaus, Berio Saal

PHACE Series 21/22 – N°2

A production by PHACE & Wiener Konzerthaus

Johannes Kalitzke, conductor
Ivana Pristasova, violin





Anna Korsun
for ensemble, 2014 (ÖEA)  D: 12′

Michael Seltenreich
Sparks & Flares
for ensemble, 2011 (ÖEA) D: 12′

Sehyung Kim
Particle Aggregation I

for ensemble, 2021 (UA)  D: 12′
commissioned by PHACE

Johannes Kalitzke
Figuren am Horizont – Fünf
for violin solo and six musicians, 2011  D: 27′


In SPARKS & FLARE, sounds break on the walls, shimmer back and fill the room like a kaleidoscope with microscopic sculptures and moments. It screams, wheezes, dives sluggish from vibrant, tonal shaving, only to immediately disappear tenderly again in airy heights. With Plexus for ensemble Anna Korsun creates, playful but virtuoso, a fascinating hyper-instrument where individual instrumental actions represent tiny segments that connect to an eerily beautiful sound organism. In Sparks & Flare Michael Seltenreich sets sounds to flicker in emptiness and darkness. In the course of the piece, he explores the emergence of ideas and motives from the smallest tonal fragments and microscopic events. For ears sensitized in silence, the finest nuances in height, tone       and tiembre come to light in full brilliance and clarity. Sehyung Kim enters recursive rooms with his new work for PHACE – Particle Aggregation I –and lets fractal structures grow inside. In an iterative composition process, animated by self-defining mathematical sequences, he examines the forces that form shapes, where sounds adhere to and how contours can arise thereof. Johannes Kalitzke’s work Figuren am Horizont (figures on the horizon) evokes sonorous memories of departed artistic colleagues. No names are mentioned – the composer stages different types of obituaries: In each of the five movements, a different approach guides the change of state. The transition from life to death is either faced in approval or total reluctance. Abstract mathematical principles, historical points of reference function as metaphors as well as a fundament for the composition. A concluding sketch of a house of light assembles familiar elements, underlying a process of clarification, “only leaving the shadow of the Wienerlied”.

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