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our series at
Wiener Konzerthaus


Nacho de Paz
Lars Mlekusch

Doris Nicoletti, flute
Walter Seebacher, clarinet
Reinhold Brunner, clarinet
Michael Krenn, saxophone
Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano
Berndt Thurner, percussion
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Petra Ackermann, viola
Roland Schueler, cello
Maximilian Ölz, double bass
Alexandra Dienz, double bass
and many more …

With the new SITUATIONS series, PHACE opens up scope for personal interpretations and breaks with all-encompassing realities. Shaped in the interplay of high-contrast sensory impressions, spontaneous, diverse connections arise between what is remembered and what is sounding at the moment. SITUATIONS kindles interacting sound spaces that fuel our imagination in the sharpest possible way.
In TUNES, fragments of memory intertwine to form inextricable vaults of sound and juxtapose ambiguities on ever new levels of meaning. STRATA digs for moments of authentic, honest expression in rooms flooded with stimuli. Sarhan’s curious HELL show is feverish and sarcastic: Rhythmic voices from off-screen meet contemporary sound phrases, mixed with set pieces from jazz, rock and pop. Powerful, repetitive, machine-like collages in RECALL prepare the ground for putting ourselves in the shoes of others, looking at their stories, discovering them – with amazing twists and turns.

Prior to each concert, Juri Giannini will discuss the music with the composers within the setting of “Salon PHACE”.

Termine in diesem Zyklus
FR 27.11.2020 KH Zyklus 1 – PHACE | TUNES – ensemble & electronics
DI 16.02.2021 KH Zyklus 2 – PHACE | STRATA – ensemble & electronics
DI 16.03.2021 KH Zyklus 3 – PHACE | HELL – narrator & ensemble
DO 27.05.2021 KH Zyklus 4 – PHACE | RECALL – ensemble

Follow the links for details about each program of the series.

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