chamber music, ensemble, electronics

La fine è senza fine

16.Sept.2020 // 19:30
Wien, Geblergasse 36-40


Doris Nicoletti, flute
Reinhold Brunner, clarinet
Michael Krenn, saxophone
Spiros Laskaridis, trumpet
Reinhard Zmölnig, horn
Berndt Thurner, percussion
Mathilde Hoursiangou, piano
Ivana Pristasova, violin
Rafal Zalech, viola
Roland Schueler, cello
Manuel Schager, cello
Alexandra Dienz, double bass
Reinhold Schinwald, electronics



Let’s imagine to see the things from a peripheral point of view. From the margins. And turn off the light. Renouncing to the shining brilliance of the forms. We can see tiny figures, unstable pulses, almost invisible lines. And we start to oscillate with those shadows. As a tightrope walker. Always oscillating on a borderline. And we try to cross it. Looking for an open space. “La fine è senza fine” means the end is endless and works on the idea that this borderline is without end. (Lorenzo Troiani)


Lorenzo Troiani
La fine è senza fine  for 5 instruments, 2017 10′

Bernhard Gander
Impaling Prophecy  for violin and piano, 2018   7‘

Johannes Maria Staud
Terra Fluida
for piano trio, 2019  12‘

Joanna Wozny
like little … sunderings for ensemble and electronics, 2016  13’

Januibe Tejera
Flashforward II for ensemble and electronics, 2014  17′


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September 2020
  • Date
  • 16.Sep.2020 19:30

    La fine è senza fine

    Vienna, Reaktor

    PHACE at Reaktor #2 (Konzert #1 am 27.8.)

    Works by Lorenzo Troiani, Bernhard Gander, Johannes Maria Staud, Joanna Wozny and Januibe Tejera.

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